Sasha Marina
I blog what I feel. ~ Welcome to My Artistic adventures as my alter ego "Sasha Marina" Actress, Host, Writer, and whatever else comes my way. ~ I mostly dedicate these blog posts to my sweetheart.

Pampers is celebrating those fun morning moments when baby wakes up happy, energetic and ready to “bailar” in his or her crib after a good night’s sleep - and we want moms and dads to join in on the fun! We’re asking parents to take a short video of their little one’s best morning dance moves and share it with Pampers! From August 18th through September 24th, parents can upload videos under fifteen seconds by using the hashtags #BebeConRitmo or #BabyGotMoves. Parents can tag @PampersBabyGotMoves on Instagram or @PampersLatino and @Pampers on Twitter or even share their video on Pampers Facebook walls ( or Pampers will pick a few of its favorites to appear in an upcoming video! (@bellayferrer @baddielayne) Feel free to tag other Mommies & Daddies! And stay updated with our upcoming giveaway at:! (at The Sasha Marina Show)

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